Curved Standing Plastic Shield

Beautiful in its minimalistic design, this plastic shield makes a bold design statement. While sturdy on its own, this sheild is designed for front desks that have customers coming from the left and the right. This designed feels the least invastive and can accomidate a register on top of bottom rod for added stabiltity. Unlike other shields, this is designed to work well with a cross breeze (i.e. when all windows are open.)


Sized for typical counter height, our plastic shielding either meets or exceeds Massachusetts' regulationations on shielding up to 6 ft.


Options for additional vinyl lettering or logos to be added to your shield!

All products include FREE DELIVERY!


Note: These pictures show small irregular bent rods used as simple pins in the end of rod. I assure you these will be nicer and more elegant by the time you recieve it.  Updated pics by the end of the week.

Pricing variable, call me with questions, comments, concerns, offers, trade.

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Curved Standing Plastic Shield

  • 40"x36" (Shield is 48" long but after its curved, the end result is 40")